In my spare time and/or during my work as physicist and sysadmin I happen to write software. Some of this software may also be interesting to other people, mainly people doing either numerics, or visualization, or sysadmin themselves.

In the menu to left you find links to software I wrote and released as open source.


pyglplot is an interacrive plotting tool written as python module. It features OpenGL-rendered 3D plotting out of the powerful and flexible, object-oriented scriping language python.


simplewin is a small library which provides a very simple interface to the X window system, so that beginners are able to write programs which draw points into a window.


getoptions is a Fortran 90 module to parse command line arguments.


useradd-krb-ldap is a python script to add, modify, and remove users from a cluster running Kerberos and LDAP.


initfpu is a small library setting FPU flags to enable core file generation upon floating point exceptions.

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